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About Us
Our Story
Founded in 2022 with headquarter in Xiamen, eDayCome has set up operating center and large-scale intelligent sorting center in Xiamen, focusing on cross-border small packages to provide high-quality global cross-border packages direct delivery service. Since its establishment, eDayCome has been committed to customer-centricity, constantly breaking through itself, and creating more possibilities.
eDayCome focuses on technology investment to improve overall industrial efficiency and it’s equipped with strong hardware facilities. A large number of high-tech automatic operation sorting equipment is used to realize intelligent, efficient and professional service procedure. A wide range of self-operated warehouses have been set up at home and abroad this year to to meet various needs of delivery for the users.
In May, 2022, eDayCome cooperated with JD Express to respond customers’ need quickly, and arranges pickup at the appointed time in time. Drop off and pickup are available to choose from for the users to deliver cross-border small packages, providing you with safe and fast logistics services.
In August, 2022, eDayCome expanded sites abroad actively to meet the requirement of cross-border small packages for the users in a number of countries. Besides Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, the United States, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries, eDayCome is also expanding sites in the Middle East, Latin America and Europe to lay out logistics lines belonging to eDayCome.
Our Technology
Powerful Technical Support Team
Independent R&D of Intelligent Logistics System
Excellent Customer Service Team
Standardized Operating and Warehousing Team
Our Mission
Intelligent parcel tracking system and orderly warehousing and logistics system provide users a safe and reliable cross-border small parcel service experience.
The users can contact the exclusive customer service in time when encountering abnormal situation. We will respond quickly and provide a variety of solutions to deal with the problem flexibly.
Technology and talents bring innovation to eDayCome. While solving problems for customers, we are also constantly discovering problems and constantly developing ourselves to do better.
We provide cross-border small packages transportation service for users. We shoulder the responsibility and live up to the trust. Mission must be accomplished!